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Frequently Asked Questions
How often does DOO CREW come out?
Most of our customers prefer service once a week. Please contact us if you are interested in a more or less frequent service. We can also set up short term service.

What do you charge?
We charge by the month for continued service*. Visit our Rates and Services page for detailed pricing. Prices may vary depending on size of yard *(We charge by the month for continued service. We have found that this is easier for our invoicing and your remittance. Service that begins or ends in the middle of the month will be pro-rated.) Prices subject to change.

Is there a charge for first time or returning customers?
We have a minimum initial clean-up/set-up charge of $25.00. If there has been a lot of accumulation of waste, such as after the winter snow thaw, the initial charge will be more. We will give first time and returning customers a clean up estimate.

When do you charge for services?
We charge your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express at the end of the month for that month's total services.

Are there any contracts to sign?
No. We can start and stop your service over the phone. We do not require contracts, there is no minimum service period and only a 24 hour notice is recommended to cancel service. Your yard will continue to be cleaned/checked and you will be billed if you do not cancel service.

How do I pay you?
We take major credit cards and will charge your card prior to a spring cleaning. For continued service, we will send via email an invoice around the 20th of the month for that month's service. We will set up your credit card to be billed on the last day of the month for that month's service. A $10.00 late fee will be charged after the 10th if there is an interruption with your card and your service will be put on hold. You will be charged again for the initial clean-up fee. Please do not give payments to employees.

What happens when it snows or rains?
Dogs keep making their messes all year long and DOO CREW continues to clean up through winter (please keep gates clear of snow). We'll work in most weather, but snow or very wet, cold or windy weather can stop us temporarily. If there is more than about a half an inch of new snow we will postpone that day's service until the next day or two if the snow melts, or, until the next week's service day. If snow stays on the ground, but there is no new snow to cover it, we will do regular clean-ups to prevent excessive accumulation. The crazy weather season often throws off our normally scheduled days. We hope you can be flexible during this time. We will be there to clean-up those hiding piles as the snow melts. Our continued service will assure a happy, healthy yard come spring!

Do you come out on a certain day?
We will schedule you for a day on our route. Days subject to change. During bad weather days may vary.

What about holidays?
We do not work on most major holidays. When a holiday falls on your regular service day we will pick up a day or two before or after your normally scheduled day.

Can our dogs be in the yard when you clean?
In most cases, yes - we love dogs! But, there are some cases when a dog will not let us in the yard. If you know that your dog is not good with strangers or your dog is not well-mannered we respectfully ask that you restrain or confine the dog. We don't want to take unnecessary risks with your dog or our employees. If there is an incident with your dog and our employees Animal Control will be notified for the safety of others.

What is your service area?
Doo Crew services Park City, Midway, and Heber.

We Accept Credit Cards